Soda Making Equipment

Soda Making Equipment

This equipment will make your soda making experience a little easier. Basically, you will need items to heat the mixture in and equipment to help bottle your soda.

Brewing - You will need a large 20qt kettle for heating the soda concentrate. A thermometer is needed to acheive temperatures at various points in the heating/cooling process. You will also need a utensil for stirring.

Mixing - The siphon and hose will simplify the transfer between brew pot and mixing bucket.

Bottling - The bottling bucket will double as a mixing container and your bottling bucket. You will bottle direct from the spigot (siphon can be used in place of spigot) on the bttling bucket into your soda containers. A bottle filler may be attached to the hose or use a hose clamp may be used to start and stop the flow of soda in the hose.

These items are not necessarily needed, but will make the process much easier and save you time, if you have them.

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