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Winexpert Wine Making Kits

These easy-to-make wine kits include all of the high quality ingredients to make wine. These complete kits will make 6 gallons of wine (Speciale makes 3 gallons). With these kits, it will normally take you from 4 to 8 weeks to complete a batch, plus at least one additional month or more of ageing, depending on the wine type.

Within each kit you will find the base ingredients, yeast, and additives. You will also find complete step-by-step instruction that will walk you through wine making process. Most kits will also include labels for your wine bottles. All wine making equipment and wine bottles are sold separately.

  • Eclipse - Ultra Premium wine kits - 8 week completion time
  • Selection - Premium wine kits - 6 to 8 week completion time
  • Vintner's Reserve - Value wine kits - 4 to 5 week completion time
  • World Vineyard - Value wine kits - 4 to 5 week completion time
  • Island Mist - Specialty flavored wine kits - 4 week completion time
  • Selection Speciale - Specialty wine kits - 6 week completion time

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Complete selection of red wine making kits from all of the Winexpert brand categories
Red Wines
Choose from 54 Red Wines
Complete selection of white wine making kits from all of the Winexpert brand categories
White Wines
Choose from 42 White Wines
winexpert eclipse are ultra premium wine kits
Ultra Premium Wines
Choose from 12 Kits
Winexpert Selection are our most popular premium wine making kits with exceptional body, flavor and aroma
Premium Wines
Choose from 28 Kits
Winexpert Vitner's Reserve Wine Kits are easy to make, easy to enjoy
Vintner's Reserve
Value Wines
Choose from 24 Kits
Winexpert World Vineyard wine kits are perfect if you enjoy versatile wines that offer distinct flavors
World Vineyard
Value Wines
Choose from 19 Kits
Island Mist wine making kits are a delicious, refreshing alternative to everyday wines
Island Mist
Flavored Wines
Choose from 22 Kits
Winexpert Selection Speciale Wine Kits
Selection Speciale
Dessert Wines
Choose from 3 Kits

Winexpert is committed to excellence, and dedication to delivering the highest quality products in the winecmaking market. This has made them the world's foremost supplier of premium wine making kits. Their careful sourcing of supply, combined with state-of-the-art processing facilities and stringent quality control procedures continue to set the industry standard

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